We have had such nice quotes on our Chiropractic Servicess from our many customers we decided to add this testimonial page, so here are a few comments from some recent customers and if you would like to talk to them I am sure they would be delighted.

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Dr Chris has treated my whole family including my five-year-old son and has done wonders for us! He relieved my vertigo and migraines in just one treatment and through continued treatments addressed the underlying cause that had stumped doctors for two years and left me tired, ill and vulnerable to infection. My son's handwriting dramatically improved after just two treatments on tension in his shoulders. The change was so immediate his teacher was astonished and after two years of struggling he last month won an award for the improvement in his handwriting. His confidence has soared as a result. Dr Chris is truly committed to his patients' wellness and his treatments have, for us, been life-changing.

Laura Livingstone
Would recommend Chris Ross Chiropractic to anyone who has nagging aches and pains. Came here after a work health check and pain I’d been living with for years, thinking it was due to age, turned out to be an issue that could be solved by Dr Chris Ross.
Chris took alignment pictures, explained what issues my alignment was causing and then outlined a treatment programme. I can’t thank the team at Ross Chiropractic enough for the new lease of life they have given me, I’m like a new woman. They are so friendly and willing to work around my busy schedule, that it makes it a pleasure to see them.

Rebecca Richardson

I highly recommend Chris at Chris Ross Chiropractic. I have enjoyed a big improvement in mobility and a significant reduction in pain since starting treatment here. The service is highly professional and Dr. Chris Ross is very accommodating regarding scheduling and appointments. He always takes time to explain the nature and causes of my symptoms and is very clear about treatment plans. I wish I had discovered the benefits of chiropractic treatment years ago.

Marisa Golding
Very friendly, professional service! Chris has helped me get back on my feet after an accident at work resulted in a couple of slipped discs and horrendous muscle spasms causing my pelvis to misalign quite badly. Can’t thank them enough! Would highly recommend to anyone with back pain!

Jen Pilkington

I have been suffering significant and chronic nerve and mechanical pain for about 2 ½ years, this is worst in my lower back and neck and radiates down my right arm and leg.

When I came for Chiropractic care I could probably best described as a physical, mental and emotional wreck. I had seen a physiotherapist with little success. I was in significant and uncontrolled pain, everything I did seemed to aggravate the problem. I was considering going part time at work as I just couldn’t manage, an idea I hated. I had tried chiropractic treatment before and found it unpleasant at best, but I was desperate. I was soon to discover that not all chiropractors are created equal.

Dr Chris listened, he didn’t dismiss or minimise my pain even when his test showed that my posture was ok, and my flexibility was generally normal or better. He treated me as an individual; he didn’t just compare me to the ‘norm’ or treat me as a condition. He adapted his treatment to my needs instead of one size fits all. I may not have had a dramatic improvement that many people experience with Chiropractic care, however, I am now in a position where I can manage my pain.

My condition may not be ‘cured’ but I am able to manage my health and have a significantly improved quality of life, something that should never be underestimated. If you are considering Chiropractic care, I would say give Chris Ross Chiropractic a go, I can’t imagine you will be anything but delighted.

Sian Jones
Having suffered with back pain and jaw locking for over a year I decided to book an appointment on a friends recommendation, From the very first visit I felt an immediate improvement and after a course of treatment my back pain is virtually non-existent as well as my jaw no longer locking.
I highly recommend Chris and his entire team to anyone experiencing back or other pain. Chris has managed to transform my back and every treatment has been supported by advice, guidance and care which is second to none.

Rachel Owen

Have been going to Chris for few months now for troublesome sciatica and coming to the end of my treatment. The staff and practitioners are excellent. I’m particularly grateful to Dr Chris who has been incredibly kind and accommodating with my busy 4 year old who has often accompanied me to appointments. It’s certainly made for some entertaining moments! Can’t recommend highly enough.

Sian Edwards

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