Dr Christopher Ross

Dr Christopher Ross
Dr Chris Ross, (Registered Chiropractor, mChiro), graduated from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic in 2010, and is the founder of Chris Ross Chiropractic in Cardiff and has settled in South Wales since graduating from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic. After undergoing major lower back surgery, (spinal fusion), at the age of thirty, Chris was still experiencing pain and discomfort in the rest of his spine a couple of years later. This was because the rest of the spine had to work harder to compensate for the area which had been fused. It was then that he discovered chiropractic care after being recommended by a friend and after several treatments Chris felt a great improvement in the mobility and a reduction of pain in the areas that were previously troubling him.The initial treatments were complemented by a series of stretches and strengthening exercises which were designed to provide a long-term stability to his spine and pelvis which he still performs daily and doing so has enabled him to keep active in the gym and on the golf course. Because of his own experience of spinal surgery and how little advice and care he received in the weeks following his operation, it was the incredible enthusiasm and encouragement of his Chiropractor, and his subsequent chiropractic education and training that has made him dedicated to helping patients achieve their health goals, as well as increasing people‚Äôs awareness of how chiropractic can change your life. 

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